ok im sorry and not sorry at the same time but ya’ll need to see/hear this RIGHT NOW. so i want you to stop scrolling, stop whatever video or music your listening you, and READ THIS!

on the left you have a salamander. doesnt matter what type. Salamanders are just gecko-frogs right? right?! WRONG. Salamanders are amphibians with SMARTS. they want more water?! THEY CLIMB OUT, CRAWL AS FAR AS THEY CAN, AND EVEN CURL INTO A WHEEL TO ROLL! DOESNT MATTER WHAT’S IN ITS WAY IF IT WANTS WATER IT’LL FUCKIN’ GET IT! it is NOT a fish.

now the middle. a lot of you know what that animal is. it’s a MUDKIP. an AMPHIBIAN. let me say that again only SLOWER. AM-PHI-BI-AN. look at the salamander then the mudkip. DO YOU SEE ANY FISH QUALITIES?! NO I DIDNT THINK SO! IT’S NOT A FISH!

and we’re on the left. you guys know what that is? it’s a MUDFISH. the very animal the MUDKIP is classified as. so….Mudkips are fish now right? riiiiight?! HELL NO! it’s just a NAME PEOPLE! the MUDFISH is AMPHIBIOUS! it may LOOK like a fish, it may have the internal ANATOMY of a fish, HELL IT MAY BE NAMED AS A FISH BUT IT IS NOT A FISH! Mudfish are amphibians BUT humans only find them when there’s abundance of WATER making them LOOK LIKE FISH to them. if there’s no water then mudfish do the SAME THING as salamanders. still no water? NO PROBLEM! it wraps itself in a cocoon of whatever mud’s left to SLEEP till water comes back. again. NOT! A! FISH!

final image! see that? that’s a RAINBOW TROUT! Rainbow trouts THRIVE in water. they cant LEAVE the water. THAT! IS A MOTHER FUCKIN’ FISH!

now i want you to look at all these images….look at them CAREFULLY. are you looking? good. now ask yourself. HOW THE HELL IS THAT POKEMON A FISH? i dont know about you all but i dont see it. it looks like a SALAMANDER or a GECKO! ANYTHING BUT A FISH!

so…i’ve had my rant. now ill leave you with this. the next time you see someone who truly cares about the way they look now and you tell them they’re something ELSE. STOP. and THINK for a moment.

-in all honesty i’ve had it up to my neck with people calling huskymudkipz a fish. i get it’s funny but….it needs to stop. i’ve been bullied most of my life and i dont really see it as a joke. so. please stop calling Husky a fish. it’s gotten old and rude. thank you-

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    Mudfish have fish tails. some species of salamander have fish tails. tadpoles have fish tails. that, hun, doesnt verify...
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    Wait mudkip has a fish tail what if it’s a mix of amphibian and fish
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    PREACH. I’ve been feeling this since it started
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